Sunday, January 27, 2013

Code words

Ramit Sethi, author of I Will Teach You to Be Rich, sent an email with these questions:

Lemme ask you an honest question: How come we sit down at our desk, open up the same sites we've been reading for YEARS...and hardly ever change the BIG WINS in our lives?

One answer is that we're avoiding the SCARY work of acknowledging the psychological reasons we haven't taken action.

Now, another question: What's holding you back? What "code words" do you use to keep yourself where you are?

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So, I want you to reply to this email and tell me what your "code word" barriers are. Tell me a story: Explain the code words. How do these manifest in your life? What impact have they had? Also, what would you do to change it?

(NOTE: TAKE ACTION NOW. We know from testing that the people who follow the pre-launch challenges are most likely to be successful with Dream Job.)

Good luck, and I read every single email response. They come directly to me.


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This is my reply to the email to his email:

Hi Ramit,

My code words are the following:

"I know what I love, but I can't make any money doing it"
"I'm just turned 30...I'm worried I already missed my 'window'"
"I'd rather earn passive income"
"I am an introvert so I should look for jobs that I can do by myself."
"I already have passive income so I should just look for an easy job."
"I am scared of managing people so I should just look for technical work."

Story: I worked as a writer and a researcher before and I loved the jobs because my bosses would just tell me what to write and research and I would do it. I would finish my work, submit it to my bosses, and they would give feedback. I liked that I would be very productive when I had bosses who could give feedback. These are easy jobs for me and if I had my way, I would apply only to these kinds of jobs. But my mother told me that my jobs should have some responsibility over other people, but I do not want that kind of work.

"I know I should network...but I hate selling myself"
"I wish I hadn't gone to law school. I could have saved more by now."
"I hate memorizing and reciting. Maybe law school is not for me."

Story: My family had a legal case. My mother lost the case. So I went to law school because I want to help myself, my family, and other people who need help. But I am not good at memorizing provisions and cases and reciting them in class. I'm third year now, but I don't know how I have survived so far. If it helps, I have volunteered for a legal NGO that helps marginalized sectors. I wish I could do that full time, but I am not very talkative when I meet people.

Solutions: I read and listen to you and take action. I read emails from Penelope Trunk too. Change a small habit one week at a time. Start with improving my posture.


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