Sunday, January 20, 2013

Chat with Globe

DATE: January 19, 2013
TICKET NO.: 1301190101
Seerium:Name: XXXXX, Email: XXXXXXXXXX, Account: XXXXXXXXXX
Debbie:Hi! This is Debbie, your live chat agent. How may I help you today?
AP:Hi! I am putting my blog post on the next send.
AP:This is for the sim of my mother. Her sim stopped working one day. There were no contacts in her address book and no messages at all. On December 27, 2012, I waited for two hours in line at Globe Market Market for customer service. I asked the agent on how to fix her sim. He said that it cannot be fixed and there is no replacement sim in the branch or in other branches in Makati. Today, January 18, 2013, I went to Globe at SM Makati and Glorietta. They said that the sim type (209) is not available. Globe still does not have a replacement sim for her number. She is now using a Smart sim. She just loaded P300 to her sim before it stopped working. Should we still hope that you could act more urgently? Or do you want us to switch permanently to Smart? Please improve your logistics and customer service: 1) Have replacement sims available at all your branches. 2) Reduce customer waiting time at your branches, especially at Market Market. Thank you!
AP:When can she have her replacement sim? Thank you!
Debbie:I'm sorry for the late response. I am currently experiencing technical difficulties right now.
AP:No problem, take your time.
Debbie:I'm sorry for the inconvenience Ma'am. Just to confirm, you're transacting for
mobile no. XXXXXXXXXX?
Debbie:I apologize Ma'am but we don't have information regarding the availability of the sim.
AP:ok, can you give us the contact numbers of the people who have that info?
Debbie:Don't worry also, I will take note all your suggestion to be read by our management.
Debbie:I apologize but we don't have information on that Ma'am.
AP:every branch we go to does not have replacement sims.
Debbie:I apologize for that Ma'am.
AP:may we have the contact numbers for the globe service branches?
AP:just market market, sm makati, glorietta, and greenbelt would be fine. or if you can, all globe
branches in taguig and makati. thank you
Debbie:I apologize Ma'am but we don't have information on their contact number. May I
advise you to visit the Globe store for that.
AP:yes, we already visited the globe store and the service sims are not available. my mother is
already using a smart sim. she will lose P300 load at the rate that globe customer service is going.
Debbie:I apologize Ma'am but we don't have information on their contact number. May I
advise you to visit the Globe store for that.
Debbie:Is there anything else I can help you with Ma'am?
AP:the store does not release their contact numbers too. i asked. they said they would call but no one has called.
AP:it seems that you cannot help me with this concern.
Debbie:For the meantime, may I advise you to kindly monitor for their call Ma'am.
AP:my brother also had this concern last year and no one called him. so he bought another
globe sim. it was sad.
Debbie:I apologize for the inconvenience but in as much that I would like to help you with
your concern but we don't have information regarding the availability of the sim as well as the Globe Store contact number.
AP:how can i copy the transcript?
Debbie:You may download it Sir.
Debbie:I mean Ma'am.
AP:do i have to end first? I can copy. but it does not paste on notes.
AP:im using an ipad if it helps
Debbie:Yes Ma'am, the chat need to be end first for you to be able to download it. There will be an options after this chat.

Globe needs more help than I do. Globe is a large company and has many resources to help their customers and employees get the information and sims they need.

Three weeks have already passed but Globe stores still do not have the replacement sims that my mother needs. Globe does not even have the contact information of their own branches and the persons who could address this issue.

Maybe they do not care about their prepaid subscribers. Their policy must be to focus only on postpaid subscribers because that's where the money is.

My mother is already using a Smart sim. At the rate that Globe is going, her Globe sim is unlikely to be replaced. It's just a waste because she has cell phone load and many contacts there.

Globe, if you're planning on turning customers away from you, good job! If my sim gets broken, I'm not going back to Globe.

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