Thursday, January 31, 2013

How to reflect on the last day

Today is the last day of the first month of the year. What have I accomplished for the month?

First, I have studied as best as I could. I was able to recite when called, and I was not told to sit down. I read cases in the original when I could or in digest form when I was pressed for time.

Second, I have eaten my meals and have taken my vitamins regularly. I eat rice, oatmeal, or pancakes for breakfast. I cook rice for lunch and dinner. Then I buy food when I come from school. Eating at the dorm helps me eat regularly.

Third, I have written regularly in my blog and often greeted people on their birthdays. I write in this blog to remember the lessons that I have learned and to practice my writing. I greet people when I know their birthdays on Facebook so I can feel connected to them.

Fourth, I have kept my dorm room neat and organized. My room mate said that she found me neat. I just want to be organized so that people can find things they are looking for.

Fifth, I have called my mother regularly. I use the landline in the dorm. It feels good to call her and I am grateful to still have my mother alive.

What could I do for the next few months besides improving my accomplishments? I write these words in the present tense so I could do them daily.

First, I read the Bible in the morning every day. I can use the Bible in book form or in the iPad. I read the readings, psalm, and gospel.

Second, I practice good posture and do my power pose at least once per day. I choose to be confident and my body shows it. Good posture also helps in improving my health and energy.

Third, I put links and call people to action in my blog. Doing so helps me and the people who will visit. I can refer people to the original sources and help all of us be accountable.

Fourth, I declutter, organize, and clean my home. Decluttering comes first becomes we have to remove things we do not need, want, or love. Organizing comes next so that we can straighten out the things we keep. Cleaning comes last so that everything is neat, tidy, and healthy.

Fifth, I pray for people. I am scared right now of reaching out to people so I pray first for them and for me to be able to reach out to them.

Tomorrow is February first, and I will take the midterm exam for corporation law. Good luck!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Welcome to my new room mate

I have a new room mate today. She is a graduate of computer engineering in our university. She was already living in her hometown when she got an invitation from her former professor to work on games. That's why she came back here. She is cool and laidback too. She has a laptop, lies on the bed to work, and sleeps past midnight. Welcome, new room mate!

Monday, January 28, 2013

How to react to a bomb

My mother just called me and told me about a bomb in our campus. I also read about that news in the internet. It was a good thing that our college and the shopping center were far away from the bomb site. That was the second bomb for the week.

The first bomb I got this week was when a group mate refused to submit her contribution for our reviewer. For background, our classmates formed a group to make a reviewer for corporation law. We were supposed to get the complete reviewer this weekend when we learned from our leader that one of our group mates backed out because the reviewer was too late for her.

Our group mate has already studied for the midterm exam last week without using the reviewer so submitting her parts would not benefit her at all. She told our leader that she won't submit her part any more and would leave the group. Our leader said that she could leave but it would have been better if she told us earlier. Her reply was priceles: "it was intentional that I did not inform you earlier, because I wanted all of you to feel the same"

From my understanding, the reviewer would be out this weekend, which happened. Apparently, our group mate and our leader had an agreement that they would release the reviewer earlier in the week, which did not happen. If that was the case, there was delay from the group, but the members still performed their assignments.

She refused to submit her part even after all have submitted their assignments. It would have been good if she gave us advance notice. But her reply smacks of bad faith because she wanted us to suffer. It is unfair, especially since some of our group mates submitted very early. But I doubt if any one will confront her because she is one of the most assertive and self-confident people in our class.

From this experience, I have no doubt that she will be an exceptional lawyer in the future. She is also one of the top 20 in our batch and interned at a top law firm. The rest of us are just regular guys who do our best and just want to pass our subjects.

We would just charge this to experience. We were calm when the bomb exploded. We avoided drama and fighting. We will just do the extra work and carry on. Now we know what the bombs are. Knowing is half the battle.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Code words

Ramit Sethi, author of I Will Teach You to Be Rich, sent an email with these questions:

Lemme ask you an honest question: How come we sit down at our desk, open up the same sites we've been reading for YEARS...and hardly ever change the BIG WINS in our lives?

One answer is that we're avoiding the SCARY work of acknowledging the psychological reasons we haven't taken action.

Now, another question: What's holding you back? What "code words" do you use to keep yourself where you are?

x x x

So, I want you to reply to this email and tell me what your "code word" barriers are. Tell me a story: Explain the code words. How do these manifest in your life? What impact have they had? Also, what would you do to change it?

(NOTE: TAKE ACTION NOW. We know from testing that the people who follow the pre-launch challenges are most likely to be successful with Dream Job.)

Good luck, and I read every single email response. They come directly to me.


x x x x x x x x x x x x x

This is my reply to the email to his email:

Hi Ramit,

My code words are the following:

"I know what I love, but I can't make any money doing it"
"I'm just turned 30...I'm worried I already missed my 'window'"
"I'd rather earn passive income"
"I am an introvert so I should look for jobs that I can do by myself."
"I already have passive income so I should just look for an easy job."
"I am scared of managing people so I should just look for technical work."

Story: I worked as a writer and a researcher before and I loved the jobs because my bosses would just tell me what to write and research and I would do it. I would finish my work, submit it to my bosses, and they would give feedback. I liked that I would be very productive when I had bosses who could give feedback. These are easy jobs for me and if I had my way, I would apply only to these kinds of jobs. But my mother told me that my jobs should have some responsibility over other people, but I do not want that kind of work.

"I know I should network...but I hate selling myself"
"I wish I hadn't gone to law school. I could have saved more by now."
"I hate memorizing and reciting. Maybe law school is not for me."

Story: My family had a legal case. My mother lost the case. So I went to law school because I want to help myself, my family, and other people who need help. But I am not good at memorizing provisions and cases and reciting them in class. I'm third year now, but I don't know how I have survived so far. If it helps, I have volunteered for a legal NGO that helps marginalized sectors. I wish I could do that full time, but I am not very talkative when I meet people.

Solutions: I read and listen to you and take action. I read emails from Penelope Trunk too. Change a small habit one week at a time. Start with improving my posture.


Happy Sunday

Yesterday we had our midterm exam for credit transactions and the longest class for corporation law. I hope I did well for the exam. I was not called to recite in corporation law. I sent my corporation law update and replied to Ramit Sethi's email. I went home and watched 300 and the Golden Globes.

Today I woke up at 8 and ate breakfast. I am finally posting on my blog. Later we will hear mass. Tomorrow we do not have corporation law so I am staying home until Monday morning. We will go to the dorm on Monday afternoon after we drop off my brother at his office.

Friday, January 25, 2013

I am insomniac

I downloaded the book Overcoming Insomnia because it's free and I can't sleep. I woke up after 7 am yesterday but I spent my morning reading books and sites on the internet. In the afternoon, I finished writing corporation law reviewers. It's good that I only have one class today and I didn't recite. It's already past midnight and I'm still blogging. Later I will study credit transactions and corporation law. Sometimes I wish I could use my insomnia more productively but I just read endlessly like a true INFP. I hope I could stop this habit of staying up late at night and sleep better. How do you sleep?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Do what you DO

I just have to post this. Gretchen Rubin of the Happiness Project has good advice: Do what you DO. Do the things that you enjoy. Just because something is fun for you doesn't mean it's fun for other people. She also tells a story about John and Jackie Kennedy in her post: People do best what comes naturally.

For me, what I do is read. It's so fun for me that hours can pass by while I read articles, click on links, skim forums, and download books. I have always believed that the internet was made for people like me. But I like to read inspiring content and in a relaxed manner. So my cases don't really count in the things I enjoy doing.

I do watch videos too, but I like reading better. Maybe it's because reading is something I can do by myself, and there is no noise. Maybe it's also because I don't like talking. I like to laugh but not talk. I do listen well and I learn more when I'm listening than when I'm talking.

I also like to draw and used to draw more in the past. Now I hardly draw. My Paper app has less than ten sketches. In the past, I could do ten sketches in a day. Maybe I should post a sketch with every blog post to inspire me to draw again.

What about you? What do you DO?

How to survive midterm month

Today I had a recitation in special proceedings. It was better than last time. I was able to answer some questions and recite two cases. For the other questions I was not able to answer correctly, my classmates recited and helped me. I was even called to help my seat mate but she was already very good. I do not know much about trusts so I have to review that. I am glad I did my action plan last week and finished digesting all cases.

I will have my first midterm exam on credit transactions on Saturday. The test is multiple choice but there would be fifty questions for one hour. My classmates told me to memorize provisions. I have been reading the provisions everyday since Monday. I hope to do very well on the exam. I hope to get perfect or at least top 10 so I can pull up my grades.

Today I will finish typing my corporation law reviewers. Then I will review local government, credit transactions, and corporation law. My class does not have taxation tomorrow and corporation law on Friday so I can focus on studying. On Friday next week, we will have our corporation law midterm exam. On Saturday two weeks from now, we will have our midterm exam on special proceedings. One Saturday in February, we will conduct a seminar for local government. These next few weeks will be busy, so help us God.

I read recently that Time magazine has an article on the best ways to study. It seems that doing practice tests and spacing out your lessons are the best way to do well in school. Meanwhile, highlighting, underlining, rereading, and summarizing are the worst ways to learn. For me, the lessons are to study daily and to prepare well for every class. I downloaded Evernote Peek so I can do practice tests using flash cards. Let's see how this goes.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Daily Lessons

I type lessons I learn during daily life in the Notes app. Here are the lessons since I have started:

- Close curtains in the master bedroom in the afternoon.
- Ask Mother for help about clothes and costumes.
- Write case digests before copying provisions.
- Do not say "exchange money" in public for security.
- Ask Brother when he is outside if he will eat at home .
- Sit up and face the light when you are fixing a phone.
- Do not read while lying down when Mother is near.
- Do not leave your underwear in the bath room.
- Check the MMDA app before travelling outside.
- Eat breakfast, take a bath, and get dressed in the morning..
- Print notes on pad paper at home during weekends.
- Study early. Do not sleep then try to study in the early morning.
- Edit text using a notepad app then transfer to Word.
- Wear socks. Tuck shirt in pants. Tuck pants in socks.
- Bring deodorant, napkin, and liner when you go home.
- Scan or encode syllabi that are not available in soft copy.
- Buy your medicine first from the school pharmacy.
- Finish everything that is assigned for a class.
- Use dark ink when passing off handwritten notes.
- Memorize all provisions for the midterm exam.
- Study for major exams well ahead of time.

My style is simple

While my mother was putting up curtains, she wished that I had more style. I said that I have style, but it is simple and different from hers. She said that I used to draw and dream about elegant clothes. I said that I like looking at those clothes on other people. I just want to wear clothes that are functional, comfortable, and affordable.

My brother said that if I had my way, I would choose a blouse that was very plain. I said yes, and it should be cotton or cotton blend. Mother said that cotton is expensive. I said that I have many cotton blouses, but I do not buy blouses often so I do not know prices today.

Brother said that my dorm room looks plain. Yes, it does, and I like it that way. Too bad, I have so many stuff in the master bedroom of our house. I cannot make it look as simple and minimalist as my dorm room now. Maybe in the future, I will do it.

Mother says that she feels sorry for me when she looks at my clothes. I like my clothes. They are plain and simple. They keep me covered and are comfortable to wear. Most of them were affordable.

This conversation led me to reflect about my style. I am a utilitarian person. I wear clothes because they are useful. I do not want to show off. In fact, I want to blend and not draw attention to myself. That's probably why I like my clothes as plain and modest as possible. I have sensitive skin so I need clothes that "breathe" and do not itch.

I just want to buy the things that I need. Brother has to remind to me in the grocery store that I can buy the things that I like. I do not have to ask Mother for approval. It is all right to eat more and buy processed food. I learn that if I buy the things that I like, I will use and appreciate them more.

I also tend to save things that can still be used. Hence, I have much clutter from the things that I have saved. These stuff include cards, receipts, flyers, brochures, paper, plastic, packaging, etc. When I sent home several plastic containers, Brother said that I can throw things away. Yes, I could but doing so feels such a waste. Maybe my life is not so simple after all.

What about you? What is your style in the way you dress and organize your home?

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Globe reply

This will be my last post about Globe. Maybe this can help, maybe not. Enjoy!

Good day Ms. XXXXXXXX,

We appreciate the time you have taken in writing us of your concerns. We would like to convey our sincere apologies for the frustration and inconvenience you may have experienced regarding this matter.

Please be informed that Globe stores only cater to walk-in customers, which means that contact numbers are not available and we have no access for this information.

We would like to have more options for you, but at this time, we can only advise you to visit another Globe store, if you have already done this, you may try again at a later time.

May we ask the following information for us to further determine the cause of your concern?

· Your mother’s Globe mobile number:
· Date of reloading P300:
· Reloading Channel (AutoloadMax, CallCard, Share-A-Load):
· Handset used for this number:
· Did you try to insert the SIM to other handset and experience the same?
· What is the physical status of the SIM? Was it broken, scratched, etc.?
We will be waiting for your response through this medium anytime.

Thank you very much for your kind understanding.

Should you need further assistance, you may get in touch with us through the following channels:
Globe Chat Assist (
Globe Facebook Fan Page (
@talk2GLOBE on Twitter (

Or through our hotline: 211 (toll-free via Globe mobile, minimum load balance of P7.50 for prepaid) or (02) 730-1000 (toll-free via any Globe landline nationwide, toll-free within Metro Manila using other Landline Network Carrier and regular rates will apply using other Landline Network Carrier outside Metro Manila) Operating Hours: 8am-10pm.


Globe Customer Service

Chat with Globe

DATE: January 19, 2013
TICKET NO.: 1301190101
Seerium:Name: XXXXX, Email: XXXXXXXXXX, Account: XXXXXXXXXX
Debbie:Hi! This is Debbie, your live chat agent. How may I help you today?
AP:Hi! I am putting my blog post on the next send.
AP:This is for the sim of my mother. Her sim stopped working one day. There were no contacts in her address book and no messages at all. On December 27, 2012, I waited for two hours in line at Globe Market Market for customer service. I asked the agent on how to fix her sim. He said that it cannot be fixed and there is no replacement sim in the branch or in other branches in Makati. Today, January 18, 2013, I went to Globe at SM Makati and Glorietta. They said that the sim type (209) is not available. Globe still does not have a replacement sim for her number. She is now using a Smart sim. She just loaded P300 to her sim before it stopped working. Should we still hope that you could act more urgently? Or do you want us to switch permanently to Smart? Please improve your logistics and customer service: 1) Have replacement sims available at all your branches. 2) Reduce customer waiting time at your branches, especially at Market Market. Thank you!
AP:When can she have her replacement sim? Thank you!
Debbie:I'm sorry for the late response. I am currently experiencing technical difficulties right now.
AP:No problem, take your time.
Debbie:I'm sorry for the inconvenience Ma'am. Just to confirm, you're transacting for
mobile no. XXXXXXXXXX?
Debbie:I apologize Ma'am but we don't have information regarding the availability of the sim.
AP:ok, can you give us the contact numbers of the people who have that info?
Debbie:Don't worry also, I will take note all your suggestion to be read by our management.
Debbie:I apologize but we don't have information on that Ma'am.
AP:every branch we go to does not have replacement sims.
Debbie:I apologize for that Ma'am.
AP:may we have the contact numbers for the globe service branches?
AP:just market market, sm makati, glorietta, and greenbelt would be fine. or if you can, all globe
branches in taguig and makati. thank you
Debbie:I apologize Ma'am but we don't have information on their contact number. May I
advise you to visit the Globe store for that.
AP:yes, we already visited the globe store and the service sims are not available. my mother is
already using a smart sim. she will lose P300 load at the rate that globe customer service is going.
Debbie:I apologize Ma'am but we don't have information on their contact number. May I
advise you to visit the Globe store for that.
Debbie:Is there anything else I can help you with Ma'am?
AP:the store does not release their contact numbers too. i asked. they said they would call but no one has called.
AP:it seems that you cannot help me with this concern.
Debbie:For the meantime, may I advise you to kindly monitor for their call Ma'am.
AP:my brother also had this concern last year and no one called him. so he bought another
globe sim. it was sad.
Debbie:I apologize for the inconvenience but in as much that I would like to help you with
your concern but we don't have information regarding the availability of the sim as well as the Globe Store contact number.
AP:how can i copy the transcript?
Debbie:You may download it Sir.
Debbie:I mean Ma'am.
AP:do i have to end first? I can copy. but it does not paste on notes.
AP:im using an ipad if it helps
Debbie:Yes Ma'am, the chat need to be end first for you to be able to download it. There will be an options after this chat.

Globe needs more help than I do. Globe is a large company and has many resources to help their customers and employees get the information and sims they need.

Three weeks have already passed but Globe stores still do not have the replacement sims that my mother needs. Globe does not even have the contact information of their own branches and the persons who could address this issue.

Maybe they do not care about their prepaid subscribers. Their policy must be to focus only on postpaid subscribers because that's where the money is.

My mother is already using a Smart sim. At the rate that Globe is going, her Globe sim is unlikely to be replaced. It's just a waste because she has cell phone load and many contacts there.

Globe, if you're planning on turning customers away from you, good job! If my sim gets broken, I'm not going back to Globe.

Feedback to Globe

This is for the sim of my mother. Her sim stopped working one day. There were no contacts in her address book and no messages at all.

On December 27, 2012, I waited for two hours in line at Globe Market Market for customer service. I asked the agent on how to fix her sim. He said that it cannot be fixed and there is no replacement sim in the branch or in other branches in Makati.

Today, January 18, 2013, I went to Globe at SM Makati and Glorietta. They said that the sim type (209) is not available. Globe still does not have a replacement sim for her number. She is now using a Smart sim.

She just loaded P300 to her sim before it stopped working. Should we still hope that you could act more urgently? Or do you want us to switch permanently to Smart?

Please improve your logistics and customer service: 1) Have replacement sims available at all your branches. 2) Reduce customer waiting time at your branches, especially at Market Market. Thank you!

Meet the relatives

Yesterday I went home to meet my aunt from the United States. It was all of a sudden for me, but not for my family who forgot to tell me. It was cool so I wore a jacket even if it was midday.

I rode on the train but gave up my seat for a child. When I looked back at my seat, a woman was sitting there. Then I realized that she was pregnant. Or maybe she was just fat. Anyway, she needs the seat more than the child does.

Our families ate at a Chinese restaurant and went grocery shopping. They visited our house and we posed for wacky pictures. I asked them how they do and made some small talk. At first, it was fine. But when I had nothing to say any more. I did not force myself to talk. Little steps are better than doing nothing.

After their visit, I was only able to write corporation law reviewers. I was not able to review cases for credit. Thank goodness I was not called for recitation. But the professor told us to prepare well.

I commuted and bought lotto tickets. I also tried to get a replacement Globe sim for my mother, but they do not have that kind of stock yet. Maybe Globe does not want us to be their customers.

So I was only able to talk with my group about the seminar and read the case I will digest for local government. I did nothing else. I would rather read books and articles on the computer.

I am not linking today because I do not want to drive people to this post. I just want to tell my future self about my day. I always read that blogs should drive traffic. This blog is just for me, and part of me wants to help people.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lessons from having no classes

This morning, I watched Ramit Sethi's webinar on how to interview with elite companies. I was blown away. Top companies paid a lot for airfare, hotels, and allowances to attract top performers. Hiring managers and recruiters can easily tell if someone is a high performer. It is someone with great social skills. They communicate and negotiate well. They deliver the results.

How do they communicate? Ramit says that they are confident. They are not aggressive or confrontational. They smile but they do not smile a lot. Oversmiling shows a weakness. They speak more slowly because every word matters. They modulate their voice to show enough emotion and not bore the listener. They start and end well.

I realized that I am not yet a top performer. I listen before I speak. I must think before I speak. I speak slowly and softly that often people cannot hear me. I smile a lot. I have bad recitations.

When we had a group meeting for local government, I only spoke at the end and only to recap our assignment. Our assignment is to read the Anti-Violence Against Women and Their Children Act and think of a program for our seminar. I just read it today, but I haven't thought of a program yet.

I also realized that I could focus and study well when I know that we will have class. I was able to read the cases for taxation and local government while waiting for our professors. But since our professors did not show up, we got a free break. Because I have no class tomorrow, I read the law and digested only one case for credit transactions.

I will continue tomorrow. I will finish the digests for credit, write three corporation law reviewers, create a program for the seminar, and format the provisions for special proceedings. My schedule is morning for credit, afternoon for corporation, and evening for government and procedure.

I am trying the links for today. Let's see how it goes.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How a bad recitation can teach resilience

I had a bad recitation today in class. I was surprised that I was called. My seatmate even called my attention. I was not prepared and I wanted to say that to the professor, but I couldn't. Maybe I shouldn't have come to class, I thought.

I could not answer questions immediately. I had to read the provisions again while I was reciting. I changed answers several times because my first answers were wrong. My professor even had to call other classmates for their opinion. My seatmates helped me answer well, but I couldn't read their handwriting very well.

I was only called to recite one case. I tried to recite the case as best as I could. But because I was not able to make a good digest, I only gave a very short version. My teacher had to ask me more questions, but she later gave up and asked another student. A classmate recited the case well, and my professor said that's how to recite a case. Then the class ended.

I really felt that I put everyone down with my dismal recitation. But it seems that people do not mind. I just talked to another classmate in the library while I was reviewing the case that I just recited. He did not wonder why I was reading that case again and he did not say anything about the recitation.

So I just got home and resolved to do better. I opened my iPad and remembered to use the Super Better app. I was able to log in and complete power ups, battle, and quests. One of the bad guys I had to battle was the self-critic. I forgave myself and stopped criticizing myself. I can do better. So I made an action plan.

Here is my action plan:
1. Buy ink for the printer on Saturday.
2. Download all rules and provisions.
3. Format all provisions in the syllabus.
4. Print all provisions on pad paper.
5. Download digests from the net.
6. Print available digests on pad paper.
7. Encircle all cases that have no digests.
8. Write digests as early as Saturday.
9. Practice reciting provisions and cases.
10. Make a comparison of all remedies.

What is your action plan?

Gaming reality

I read this morning on College Hack or Lifehacker that one college student turned his resolutions to a game. Every time he did something positive, he added a point. But when he did something bad, he deducted a point. This goes on until a habit is formed.

So today, I made a list of good habits I wanted to develop. I want to wake up, shower, and dress earlier. I want to drink more water, take my vitamins and medicine, and floss my teth. I want to read cases, annotations, and provisions. I want to read cases in the original and organize my files too.

Then I gave the good habit points. So I give more points if I do these habits earlier or more often But I have not yet done penalties for bad habits. I will do a test run first on good habits only. Maybe next week, I could add the penalties for bad habits.

This evening, I watched a video of game designer Jane Macgoginal on TED. She said gaming can help people solve real world problems. How? Games help us focus before we reach an epic win.

Jane told the story of Lydians in ancient Greece who played games during famines to save on food and went on an epic adventure to search new lands. Apparently that land was Italy and ancient Rome.

Now, they are making games to deal with real world problems, such as World Without Oil and Superstruct. I just downloaded Super Better, an app that makes building habits a game. But I cannot register. Maybe tomorrow or later, I can try again like a game.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

We can do online marketing

Today I watched Jomar Hilario's webinar on online marketing. He said that online marketing is like telling stories. You share what you know, and you write the same way you speak. Don't write like a corporation. Use words you normally use. Be your natural self.

Then Jomar told the steps to do affliate marketing for Bo Sanchez's Truly Rich Club. Affliate marketing means when you refer people to the site, then you get a cut if they buy into the program. The commission is 20% so it's good money.

First, you have to join the club. You cannot share what you do not know. The club costs Php 497 per month or around US$12 per month.

Second, know everything in the club. Read the articles, and listen to the recordings. You have to explain things to people who ask.

Third, create a shorter affliate link. Jomar used Bitly to create one.

Fourth, write a teaser in your Facebook wall. Put a picture of a graph of stock prices. Ask a question at the end.

Fifth, when people ask or comment, tell stories and give the link to people you converse. Do not hijack other threads. Be respectful and introduce yourself when posting.

They have a contest on who will have the highest number of affliates. This runs until February 2013. I have to save first because I don't have credit cards, and bank deposits must have a minimum of six months. Are you joining?

Sunday, January 13, 2013

How to survive two classes without studying

I wasn't able to study for anything last Friday but managed to go to two classes on Saturday. I even recited in the later class. How did I do it?

My friend, the secret is reading digests. I have already printed digests for credit transactions so I just brought them to class along with my photocopies of the annotations.

For corporation law, I had to print new digests for that class. Fortunately, my classmate downloaded digests from his email tomy iPad. I saved those digests in my Dropbox. Then I edited and printed the digests at a computer shop.

I brought the digests to class along with my photocopied annotations. Of course, my recitation was not perfect but I was able to answer the professor's questions. She did not ask me if I read the case in the original, which she used to ask when a student has a bad recitation.

It is Sunday and I am now reading the cases in the original. This semester has been harder for me because I am now reading most cases in the original.

Use digests only when you are lazy or pressed for time. I have become lazy and complacent. I do not know how I survived my first year because I also had to read most cases in the original and adjust to law school. But I will survive!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Rainy Friday

Today I went to the book launch of a former chief justice. Then I went back home, slept, ate, and surfed the internet. I haven't studied yet. Maybe I will study tomorrow. Good night!

How to get a high grade and a good recitation

I started with the laziest day today. I was still up at 4 am, surfing the internet. I just learned that I should not to drink anything with caffeine after dark. I slept after 4 am then woke up after 7:30 am. Breakfast was oatmeal and pork and beans. I was supposed to study after breakfast but I still surfed the internet afterwards.

I only started reading the new local government cases after 11 am. Then I reviewed the provisions and looked at my watch. It was already 1 pm. My class is 2 pm. So I ate lunch, did my power pose, and went to school. Thank goodness, the taxation 2 professor was late. I was able to review the case digests.

Our tax prof knows a lot of things besides tax. He always makes us think of examples and imagine things. How do we refine sugar? Is Christmas ham an agricultural or processed product? We learned about a case with the Fort Bonifacio Development Company that got transitional tax credits worth Php 5 billion while the sale of the Fort Bonifacio Global City was a tax-free transaction. Imagine telling that to the poor soldiers out in the field.

Speaking of tax, I got my highest grade ever in law school for taxation 1. Can you believe that my grade is just one step away from the perfect grade? I am usually happy with just getting passing grades. I'm pretty sure that all my other classmates got perfect grades because they are uber competent in law school. Maybe taxation should be my specialty. Just kidding.

My secret is that I had a big help from my beautiful and smart seatmate, who is also a certified public accountant. She helped me review the requirements for income tax. We were the first group to submit the quiz for estate and trusts. Plus she read all the cases in the original and always had her trusty calculator. I was content to rely only on digests and use my cell phone to compute. So I studied for the quizzes and final exam.

Maybe our tax 1 prof curved our grades. Maybe since I passed all my quizzes and hopefully the final exam, the grade she gave me was higher than I expected.

Anyway, our tax 2 prof dismissed us one hour early because he cannot lecture for long periods of time. So I had time to review my cases for local government. I wrote down on pad paper my digests for the cases to be recited. At first, I would write a case digest on one sheet. Then I found out I was running out of time. So I just drew a line down the paper and wrote two cases on a sheet. That was eight cases for two hours of work. That's not bad for a crammer like me.

Even if our local government professor is laidback, she is still scary. During my last recitation, she told me that she will give me a failing grade. Why? Because I was always looking at my notes. My recit was that bad for her. But what could I do? I do not remember many details.

So I just have to prepare everyday. Anyway, I was called to recite the fourth case, and I was able to recite without looking at my notes. I thought I was still going to recite the next provisions, but she already called somebody else. We did not even reach the cases that I just studied. That's already good for me. A good recitation for me is when the professor does not insult or threaten me and I am able to answer all her questions.

Yes, I can and will improve. How about you? What are you improving on today?

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Don't worry, be lazy

Do you know your personality type? You can check it out over the internet. Just search "personality type" and look for tests. There are sixteen personality types for Myers Briggs Type Indicator.

My Myers Brigg personality type is INFP: Introverted, iNtuitive, Feeling, and Perceptive. Introverts enjoy and get their energy being by themselves or a few people, as opposed to extroverts who enjoy being with many people. Intuitive people tend to think abstractly and focus on the big picture, while sensing people get more information from their five senses and do well with details.

Feelers tend to value emotions and relationships, while Thinkers tend to value thought and work. Perceptive people are more flexible and keep their options open, while Judgers are more structured and stick to a routine.

INFPs are the dreamers and idealists in the world. Being a dreamer can be a good thing because you could change the world. The problem is I tend to stop at just dreaming and do not act.

I could read blogs and articles for hours without worrying about my lessons. In fact, I have two classes tomorrow and I haven't reviewed for both of them. Granted, I have already read the provisions for taxation and the cases for local government, but I still have to master the stuff when I get called for recitation. Professors always ask for details, and I forget them. Why? I always focus at the big picture, not the details.

I just spent the time sleeping, eating, and reading stuff on the internet. I checked my email and downloaded apps recommended by Jomar Hilario. I read new articles from my Pulse reader and downloaded new free ebooks from Amazon to my Kindle.

I read the new posts and comments on Penelope Trunk's site and looked for INFP posts and comments. Then I searched for "lazy INFP" but the popular sites are not much help because I know them already. I'm the expert on INFP, remember?

So I am writing this blog to give me a sense of productivity and usefulness. I just write what I feel like writing and hope the lessons will come to me in due time. I hope I could create more meaningful work. I hope I could stop being lazy. Or maybe, my laziness could point me to work that I would truly enjoy.

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

How to organize your dorm

January 7, 2013

1. Bring only the things that you need. For food and clothing, bring most of the things (90%) that you already enjoy with only a few things (10%) that you want to try. I once brought clothes to the dorm that I did not wear and food that I had to give away to a child because I did not like it any more. For books and technology, bring what you use.

2. Keep similar things together. I have a closet with a rail and only two levels. I hang all my blouses, jackets, and pants. All my shirts, shorts, socks, and underwear lie on the upper level. I put all my packaged food in a suitcase at the back of the lower level. All my toiletries are on the right and my hamper is on the left of the lower level. I keep my books on a shelf, my tools in a drawer, and my files on the floor.

3. Clean first. Wipe the shelves and sweep the floor first before you put your things or make your bed. It is easy for dirt to pile up because windows are open here.

4. Put first things first. Make your bed. Store your clothing and toiletries in your closet. Store your books, papers, tools, and gadgets in your study area.

5. Take a break. You deserve it. Welcome back to your dorm!

Monday, January 07, 2013

Wise Men

Today is the Feast of the Epiphany. This is the time when the magi, or wise men, searched and visited the baby Jesus in Bethlehem. This is the end of the Christmas season and the start of the ordinary time. School will officially start tomorrow and I will go back to my boarding house.

Jesus Christ appeared to the wise people after they saw the bright star and followed it. They had knowledge and wisdom to know the meaning of the stars. They had wealth and means to travel because they had come from faraway lands. They had courage even as they faced King Herod who pretended to seek the child. They showed gratitude and reverence when they saw the child Jesus in Bethlehem. I hope to be like them, a Gentile person who seeks God.

Saturday, January 05, 2013

First class fleas

We had our first class in credit transactions for the year. We were supposed to start with security devices today, but we had to go back to deposits again. In fact, we did not even go to a single case for security devices. But we learned a lot of history and law from our professor.

One thing I remember is that our culturei is such that people feel embarrassed when they see someone doing something wrong. Instead of confronting that person, we tend to tell the news and spread rumors. I feel the same way too, but I just stop at telling the news, and I do not spread rumors.

But our class was not prepared. Most of us did not have copies of the special laws assigned to us. Professor was still kind to us, but he told us to prepare for the midterm exam. Good luck to us!

Then I went to the school clinic after class. The doctor in the emrgency room prescribed to me permethrin, antihistamine, and gentamicin. I bought all of them. When I went home, I saw my aunt combing her dog. Then I set up two flea traps with candles on bowls of water. It just trapped one flea, and I put one flea I caught into the trap. Hope there are more tomorrow.

Friday, January 04, 2013

Comment on Penelope Trunk's Homeschooling Blog

Hi Penelope! I like your picture. SimCity 2000 is amazing. I used to play SimCity when I was a child and a teen.

At first, I just made cities out of the terrain the simulation gave me. Then, I would change the terrain before making cities. I would either copy the geography of an actual city or make more terraces, rivers, and waterfalls, which increase land value. Later, I would use tilesets from the internet to give my cities a different look, like ancient Roman, Gothic, or neoclassic architecture.

But I always made sure that my cities had low crime and high health and education levels. In some cities, the citizens were so happy that they gave me parades.

I learned HTML and built a website to share my cities and tilesets, but I had to take down the site when Geocities closed.

I'm INFP. I like reading for fun. I usually read non-fiction books, news articles, and self-help blogs. I usually finish the books given to my parents before they would even touch it.

I used to doodle as a child. In an art class, our professor asked us to keep a sketchbook as our notebook. I brought that sketchbook in all my other classes and drew the faces of my classmates and professors, the movies that we saw, and the cityscapes outside the classrooms.

Unfortunately, I never majored in architecture, urban planning, psychology, or art. While I did not have an SAT tutor, I enrolled in a "magnet school" and was criticized for spending too much time on the computer and reading too much non-school books.

I studied in a national science high school where almost everyone was a valedictorian in elementary school. I majored in engineering during my first year in college because it was technical and I was introverted. I shifted to foreign service when my family moved to Washington because my parents said that a social science major suited me more.

When I came back home, I got my bachelor's degree, worked as a writer and researcher for a few years. I liked writing and research as long as I have a boss who would provide me with direction, structure, snd feedback. But those jobs did not have growth and gave little pay.

My family had a legal problem at this time. So I took a law school exam, passed it, quit my job, and went to law school.

Fortunately, I will not have debt from law school. Unfortunately, I do not enjoy law school at all. I put off studying and reading my cases at the last minute. Recitation still terrifies me even though I'm already in my third year. I just want to master the law so that I would pass the bar exam next year.

Anyway, I'm a good illustration of someone who did not take all her interests and personality to heart when choosing a career. With your blog, I am learning more about myself, my career prospects, and about life in general. Thank you, Penelope!

Thursday, January 03, 2013

New Citi

Today we went to Citibank to update our mailing address. The new lobby is amazing.

A touch screen television hangs on the wall on the right side near couches and a Krispy Creme stand. There are more ATMs to the left side. A marble counter stands at the front with dozens of touch screen computers behind it.

The financial advisers have touch screen computers. No porn allowed, said my brother. Each meeting room in the center has its own computer, phone, camera, and screen. The lines for the tellers are on the left side with benches for people who wait.

Anyway, we were able to update our address and to invest more on Philippine bonds. These investments are "actively managed" so we earned around 27% for three years. More power to our Philippine economy!

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

New year, new hope

January 1, 2013

I just have one serious resolution: write down three things to do after waking up. I do not have to do those things. I just have to write it. I do this for 21 days, January 1 to 21.

The fun resolutions are to greet people on their birthdays and to blog one hundred words daily. I greet people on Facebook in the morning. I type on Blogger in the evening. I do this for the whole year of 2013.

The big goals for this year and the next are all about law. For the first quarter of 2012, get a 2.0 average. For the second quarter, be the best legal intern. For the third quarter, submit the best paper and get a 2.0 average. For the fourth quarter, review for the bar exam and review for the bar exam.

For the first quarter of 2013, be the best legal intern and get a 2.0 average. For the second and third quarters, review and top the bar exam. For the fourth quarter, work online, travel overseas, and publish ebooks. We can do this!

Slow internet on a slow day

January 2, 2013

We have a monthly internet subscription with Smartbro that is supposed to have 1 Mbps bandwidth. Last night at 11 pm, we had no internet but we did not call any more because we were going to sleep. Today, we went out in the morning and early afternoon.

When I got home at 4 pm, Itried Speed Test. Our download speed and upload speeds were 0.05 Mbps. So I called Smartbro and they helped me with the problem and asked me to type ipconfig. But I had to go so we stopped with ipconfig flushdns, release, and renew.

Later at 9 pm, I called them again. At Speed Test, our download speed was 0.08 Mbps and our upload speed was 0.12 Mbps. They took me to the second level tech support. They said they will monitor our connection for 24 hours. We just have to keep the modem slash adaptor on at all times.

My brother said that I could connect the modem to our router because I will turn off our desktop computer anyway. So I did. Let us hope we can publish the posts for today and yesterday.