Saturday, December 08, 2012

What to do after law school

Hi! I was just taking a rest and thinking about life after law school. Since my stomach hurts at the thought of working for a law firm with sleepless nights and critical bosses, I thought that maybe I should not practice law at all. But then my professor said that all UP lawyers should practice law for at least five years because the people paid for our education.

So I thought that I can go around the country after the bar exam and see for myself the legal system in the Philippines. It's more fun in the Philippines. Before bar, I could work as a paralegal. After bar, I could work as a lawyer for myself or a non-government organization. Then I could help people with their legal problems. I can also travel. I might then be able to use this blog more regularly.

The challenges I see are connections, cash, and competence (CCC). For connections, maybe I can ask my professors and organizations if there are people and places that need help and then I can go there. For cash, I need to develop more passive income, freelance, or work part-time. For competence, I have to read, understand, and memorize (RUM) the law and do well in legal aid.

Why do this? Because it's not only about the money. Money is worthless if you cannot buy food or drink with your millions. Goods and services are more important. Natural resources are vital. If we cannot protect those that are important to us, what good is the law? Law is already so abstract for me. How much more for our fellow citizens who find English difficult? I believe we could bridge the gap and make the law more relevant for all. Thank you!

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