Saturday, December 22, 2012

Take it easy

Yesterday was supposedly the end of the world. But my mother and I had a productive day yesterday. We got gas, bought gifts, exchanged and deposited money, and wrapped gifts. That was very tiring for me.

Today I scheduled my morning to organize papers in our bedroom and my afternoon to download cases for the semester. So far, I have just organized the space around my desktop computer and am just writing this blog post about my tasks.

I did eat breakfast and lunch, took a shower, and helped my cousin replace the curtains. At least, I am doing things that will help me survive.

Right now, I am just sitting by the window. I feel the wind on my face. I look at how the trees dance and how the sun makes everything bright. I do this every afternoon when I am home.

I am learning that it is all right to take it easy more often. I appreciate more things. I smile more often. I live one day at a time. If tomorrow is the end of the world, does it really matter? We have already lived well.

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