Thursday, December 27, 2012

Good service with interest

I did not realize that I was not able to blog yesterday. Anyway, I went to three banks yesterday to withdraw, to deposit, and to open a new account.

In the first bank, I waited for about ten minutes after getting my number. There were 20 more numbers before my number. Then a teller who knew me called me and asked for my passbook. I gave it to her and she told me to sit first. After five minutes, another teller gave me the cash and asked me to bring pictures next time to update my signature. She put the money in an envelope without me telling her. Free envelope!

In the second bank, I waited for five minutes after getting my number. There were four numbers before me. I was waiting for the three numbers to show up when the guard told me to go up to the teller already. The sign was already showing my number. I deposited the money I withdrew plus the cash gift I got for Christmas. I went downstairs to photocopy my ID for my next account. This bank has a grocery store, payment center, and even law office. It is complete in itself that it could be a small mall in a few years.

To go to the third bank, I had to ride on a jeep because it was raining. This jeep was almost vacant. I waited about two minutes before I saw an empty seat for opening new accounts. I sat there and gave the teller my pictures and photocopied IDs. She gave me the application form and I filled it up. She was able to multitask with me and three other bank clients. After I finished the form, she gave me two deposit slips to fill up and asked me to type my pin in her keyboard. I deposited some money. After thirty minutes, they gave me my ATM card, so I signed it and used it to check my account.

Can you guess the banks? The first two are not technically banks but financial institutions that are more like cooperatives. The first is the Armed Forces of the Philippines Savings and Loan Association, Inc. or AFPSLAI. The second is the Philippine Army Finance Center Producers Integrated Cooperative or PAFCPIC. The third is the Land Bank of thr Philippines. The first two banks offer high interest rates, while I just use the third bank for my allowance. I was really surprised at the relatively fast service but it was all for the better.

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