Friday, November 30, 2012

Team and comment

Hi! im rina, i am a shy type girl and sometimes snob. I think i am not mature enough to understand and handle the difficult situations. My personality is guardian.

Mission: As a youth, i need to help our community and share my blessings to others. I need to be mature enough to understand many things in life and to solve difficult situations.

Hi!I am kristine.I am a demure type of girl. I am also responsible and matured enough to handle things. My personality is an Artisan.Mission: As a Benildean, we believe that it is in the community that we make and nurture a learning strategy in promoting success for every adolescent father. We anticipate to every teenage father by responding to their needs,by offering relevant programs that will help them build brighter future.

Hi! I'm Joy. Reading, writing, drawing and thinking are my favorite activities. I am shy but I smile a lot and want to help other people. My personality is an idealist.

My vision is to see the Philippines become a great nation within my lifetime. My mission is to become the best that I can be by developing my character, knowledge and skills and by helping our people become better.

Comment by gepsychgepsych
Great job! In our opinion, the program was well planned and constructed. The group was able to deal with the problems of young adolescent fathers by means of workshops, seminars and activities. This could be an effective way of helping these adolescent fathers, if applied in real life.

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