Friday, November 30, 2012

Resolution on Street Children


The students of Consular and Diplomatic Affairs,

Acknowledges the presence of numerous street children in urban areas,

Concerned that many street children fail to finish formal schooling,

Deeply alarmed that several children fall into a life of crime and abuse,

Believing that children are the hope of the nation,

Recognizing that many organizations are helping street children,

Emphasizing the necessity to ensure the human dignity and to provide good opportunities for all children,

1. Urges all individuals to treat street children with respect and dignity;

2. Supports organizations, churches, schools and agencies to implement long-term programs to alleviate and improve the plight of street children;

3. Calls for more citizens to educate, protect, guide and help street children;

4. Suggests that schools, institutes, colleges and universities educate and accept more street children and offer non-formal and flexible education;

5. Recommends that government agencies, local police and private organizations coordinate and cooperate to prevent children from doing criminal acts and to teach them on how to live as good citizens;

6. Determines that the national government and Filipino citizens implement a comprehensive poverty reduction strategy that will improve the lives of street children and give hope and dignity to every citizen.

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