Friday, November 30, 2012

Resolution on Health and Sanitation

The students of Consular and Diplomatic Affairs,

Conscious of the poor health and sanitary conditions of many urban areas,

Convinced that diseases and deaths will increase if these conditions persist,

Distressed that many preventable diseases still affect children and adults,

Expressing concern that some children are unmindful of healthful and clean habits,

Noting that the Philippines exports nurses but still lacks adequate health services,

Stressing the importance of improving health and sanitation in the areas of the urban poor and educating people on these issues,

1. Affirms the right of every human being to have access to adequate health care, a sanitary environment and basic health education;

2. Appeals to Filipino medical professionals to devote more time, care and effort to the urban poor;

3. Calls upon the government to invest more in cleaning waste, preventing pollution and teaching citizens to maintain a clean environment;

4. Commends government agencies, organizations, companies and individuals that are helping to improve the health and sanitation of the urban poor;

5. Encourages more groups and citizens to do likewise;

6. Invites government officials, business leaders, leading national figures, scientists, medical professionals, students and concerned citizens to come up with effective and practical solutions to fight diseases and improve health and sanitation;

7. Insists on time limits for urban areas to attain good health and sanitary standards;

8. Recommends that urban areas evaluate and monitor the progress of their health and sanitation programs;

9. Reminds that health and sanitation are key investments to development;

 10. Recommends that the national and local governments should increase funding and training on health and sanitation.

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