Friday, November 30, 2012


Amazing Pinoy: For me, this experience of creating a blog for young adolescent fathers is exciting and challenging. It is exciting because teen fathers are sometimes seen as irresponsible and this activity can be an opportunity to help them. This experience is also a challenge because I have other tests, reports and activities in my major subjects.

As an idealist, I enjoy thinking about ideas and ways to help. I also like connecting the activities to the lessons in psychology. However, it is also stressful for me because I want to create the best blog but my time is limited. In fact, I had to prioritize my major subjects and do this blog at the end. However, I really hope that I can use these ideas in some way in the future to help not only young adolescent fathers but also other people.

MKB: I had so much fun in doing the project because I am able to spend my time with my groupmates, and also the topic is interesting especially nowadays because young parenthood is so popular everywhere and it is very important for every young individual to know the consequences and effects of being a young parent. Studying and understanding the theories is easy in fact theories made the lessons easier to understand.

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