Friday, November 30, 2012

Blogs from the Past

Hi! I am republishing blogs from my undergraduate years.

Middle East Monarchies is a blog about higher education in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Qatar for our class on comparative government. The posts are from October to December 2007.

I would have to repost manually other blogs because my other email is already inactive or the blogs were made by my classmates.

Young Adolescent Fathers is a program to help teen fathers prepare for raising their children. This blog is for general psychology.

Mirant Corporation is a blog on an energy company that is changing ownership. We analyze how liberalism, neomercantilism, rational choice, and neo-Marxism can affect the company. This is for international political economy.

Polieco Immersion is a documentary on two groups helping street children for a day. This is also for international political economy.

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