Monday, December 10, 2007


The three Middle Eastern monarchies have many similarities in their public higher education systems. First, education is a priority in all three countries. Second, public tertiary education is free in these states and institutions of higher education are sufficient and offer diverse programs. Third, the states and academe have made extensive linkages with industry.

These states only differ in their focus in higher education. In UAE, the focus is on research and development. In Qatar, the state has allowed more institutions that can compete and complement public higher education. In Saudi Arabia, the state has built and expanded universities and colleges.

The unique features in UAE are the high application participation rates in public tertiary education. In Qatar, the government has shown great initiative in reforming education, as seen in the “Education for a New Era” program. In Saudi Arabia, Islamic values and principles contribute in higher education.

In conclusion based from the study, the public tertiary education in these three countries are high-quality and can compete with other educational systems around the world. This signifies that the standard of living in these states are high and it is an indicator of good governance.

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