Sunday, October 28, 2007

Significance of the Study

Through our comparative analysis of the government support in public tertiary education on Qatar, UAE and KSA, we gain more knowledge and new perspectives from the more developed states of the Middle East. The information that we can obtain from our comparative analysis can be used to improve the quality of the Philippine government’s support in our own public tertiary education, as well as improve the overall competitiveness of our country’s educational system. The Philippine government, particularly the Commission on Higher Education, can pattern the support and programs of these three Middle Eastern countries to their public tertiary education system, where they can be considered applicable to the Philippine scenario.

Our study can also contribute to the academe – as they examine the government support in the three countries, there will also be an examination of our own government’s support to the public tertiary education system. The academe, being the most significant sector that is affected by our study, can provide the channel for the Philippine public tertiary education system and can lobby for an improvement in the government support in terms of legal framework, accessibility and linkages with industry.

The society can gain more insights and new perspectives, this time from a Middle Eastern and Asian perspective and not the usual Western perspective. From this comparative study, the society will be able to know the similarities and differences and compare them with our own system. The society, particularly the youth sector, will be the main beneficiary in the improvement of the Philippine government support in the public tertiary education system.

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