Sunday, October 28, 2007


Below is the questionnaire that we are planning to present to our key respondents:

- Who or what government agencies are in charge of public tertiary education in your country?

- What is the scope of authority of the persons or agencies in charge of education?

- Is education the number one priority in government services?

- What laws have your country passed to improve public tertiary education?

- How many people are enrolled in colleges and universities in your country?

- How does this number compare vis-a-vis the general population?

- Are the costs for public tertiary education affordable?

- How many state colleges, universities and other tertiary institutions exist in your country?

- How does this number compare vis-a-vis the total population?

- Do your college and university graduates have high employment rates?

- What is the percentage of graduates who are employed domestically and internationally?

- What are the companies and organizations that recruit in public colleges and universities?

- What are the challenges and issues in higher education that your country is currently facing?

- How is the government addressing these challenges and issues?

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