Saturday, August 26, 2017

Tidy clothes and books

This month, I tidied my clothes and books using the method of Marie Kondo. This is my third time to tidy clothes and books, but it's my first for 2017.

Find Your Ideal

First, before we tidy anything, we ask ourselves why we want to tidy. If we know our deepest reasons for being tidy, we will avoid rebound. For me, I want to be tidy so that I can feel happy and have peace of mind.

Second, imagine our ideal lifestyle. Be as concrete and vivid as possible.

For me, I want to wake up, pray, read, exercise, prepare and eat breakfast in the morning. During the day, I read, write, work, eat lunch and help people. At night, I am at home with my family, read, watch, reflect and pray.

My room has many books and works of art. Clothes are folded and hung, files are organized, and items are tidied. Family pictures and my own art are on display.

Tidy Clothes

First, put all your clothes in one place. Marie Kondo says put your clothes on the floor, but I cannot do that, so I put clothes on a bed.

Second, hold each piece of clothing in your hand, and ask yourself, "Does this spark joy?" If it sparks joy, keep it. If it does not spark joy, say "thank you" to the clothing and put it away.

Third, fold clothes that can be folded, and hang items that are better hung. Clothes that can be folded are shirts, shorts, jeans, socks, underwear and tops. Clothes that are better hung are blouses, pants, slacks, jackets and dresses.

Fourth, tidy like items together. Keep tops together and bottoms together. Arrange the clothes that are hung such that make a line going up from left to right. Marie Kondo suggests keeping coats on the left followed by dresses, suits, pants, skirts and shirts on the right.